About us

Welcome to Medical Billing

Health care services are an unique opportunity to serve the Humanity. Providing the best standards of care and a commitment of excellent service, we in Healthcare Billing ensure the best revenue cycle, keeping in mind a great patient experience.

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What we do for you:

  • We take care of patient’s demographic form fill up.
  • Check patient's medical history and the coding is done accurately.
  • Schedule and fix appointment.
  • Reconfirm and create the bridge between the physicians and the patients so that there will be zero no show.
  • Submit the claim.
  • Post the billing and payment details into the system.
  • Make sure claim denials are minimized.
  • Share a detailed report with you on each overall journey of a patient.

Our Mission

We always keep on thinking, researching what best we can do to take our service to the next level. We define and measure every opportunity. We do not look at ‘Are we the best ! ‘, rather we focus, on ‘Have we done the best for you! ‘’. We improvise accordingly, plan and execute action to cater a service, to which one can only utter ‘’ wow! this is the company, one should never miss .’’

Our Vision

Optimum utilization of your operational cost, services to your clients. Committed to service excellent and continuous performance improvement. Bridging an unequalled level of measurable quality and productivity in the delivery of health services that are responsive to the needs and values of patients, physicians, employers, and employees.